Women and financial advisors: Listen!

Great article on the shifting gender tides in wealth management, and the industry’s struggle to keep up: http://bit.ly/10g3IbV women need more education and validation than men to make financial decisions women can easily detect whether an advisor is really listening to them women aren’t as open (thank god!) to the usual advisor-coaching strategy of trying to completely […]

What we need is another financial crisis

As the liberal-vs-conservative politcal divide continues to widen, Fortune’s Allen Sloan has a great little article on the circular debates around our America’s biggest fiscal challenges. Reminds me of Jonathon Haidt’s sage TED Talk about how crises can heal political division.

The most important pattern investors need to watch for

Carl Richards is someone I admire – someone who has brought wise behavioural coaching to individual investors under the guise of money management. His latest article in the New York Times belittles technical indicators a little too much for my liking, but his core point is spot on: Oddly enough, the only pattern that will […]

SPDR ETFs: branding with stock symbols can’t be good in the long run

Way back before ETFs were cool, State Street launched the definitive S&P 500 Index-based ETF, which they named the SPDR S&P 500, from Standard & Poor’s Depositary Receipts. Unless you’re a trader (even if?), you probably didn’t know where the SPDR acronym came from. More importantly, if you are a trader, you have no trouble […]

The Problem with Fee-for-Service Investment Advisors

Ok, there’s no problem with fee-for-service advisors. It’s kind of noble, a journeyman’s approach to the business. And it’s the right fit… for a minority of clients. The real issue is that there is a lot of talk about investment advisors, and whether the common reward structure – commissions, including trailing fees, offered at different […]

Three myths of engagement

It seems to me that the corporate use of social media – with some fantastic viral exceptions – has set itself up for a disappointing implosion. What began as a low-cost, low-effort, humanized way to extend your reach… has become something most organizations blindly throw money at, swamped in ignorance, defeating its own potential. And […]

Dan Pink’s six new elevator pitches

Dan Pink’s latest book – to Sell is Human – has a chapter on the elevator pitch, and particularly on 6 new and emerging forms of it. Which would actually work for retail investing clients (whether coming from fund companies or IAs)? Number 1: the Pixar pitch – also known as the story spine – […]

Thinking we’re experts on wine

Horrifying – if predictable – evidence for many of us… wine ‘experts’ aren’t worth much: http://bit.ly/13HYoMF I’m pretty sure Nassim Nicholas Taleb suggests in the Black Swan that stock-picking portfolio managers are among the careers where expertise – on average – is worth zilch. ** Follow up: Not all wine tasters are full of it: http://youtu.be/tBi9PfZve84 – to […]

Stock pickers are from Mars, indexers are from Venus?

Another surface-level article on a very deep topic – gender in investor psychology:http://bit.ly/XPA45H While surely an oversimplification, marketers should still be mindful of the gender gap: “Men measure success in terms of beating a benchmark o…

ETF investing forever: I don’t buy it.

There are a hundred good reasons why so much of the retail investor market has turned overwhelmingly to ETFs and index funds, eschewing managed mutual funds and old-fashioned stock-picking. Statistically, there is a lot of evidence that it’s the ‘…