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The rise of search and social media has triggered a marketing revolution: hyper-targeted campaigns and focused content now allow small budgets to get big results, generating quality, actionable leads for sales teams. But unsurprisingly, it's a revolution that has been slow to reach asset managers and financial advisors.

Target your content

Are you already doing content marketing? You’re on social media? It’s not enough. Without a targeted promotion strategy, you won’t get in front of new people. Break out beyond your rolodex.

One-two punch

The first step is to get your message in front of new people, but the right people, and for the right price. FundZen helps you design and manage affordable, hyper-targetted campaigns. The second step is to track and nurture any interest, and every click. We help you design and manage the top half of the sales funnel, using a mix of marketing automation techniques to test and track interest, identifying warm leads for your sales team.

Industry expertise

If your investment firm does not have a modern lead-generation program, you need to get one started, today. We are the only social media campaign management firm specializing in investment and capital markets. We can tailor programs for firms large and small, and from institutional to retail and advisor-driven models.

How we help

Today’s lead generation campaigns are affordable, but technical to manage; that’s where we come in. We work with you to pinpoint target audiences and then buy ads and promote your content for the best price possible, keeping to a right-sized, monthly budget. We manage campaigns over time, measure interest, adjusting and honing for top results. Then we harness that interest by employing marketing automation and other techniques to help identify and qualify leads, pointing your sales team in a friendly direction.

We can integrate results into your CRM, and fully manage your marketing automation strategy. And if your in-house marketing team needs help with creative and content creation, let us know… We can help.

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Fundzen is a marketing technology and creative services company serving the asset management, fintech and financial advisory sectors. We give small and midsize firms — and their sales teams — access to top-tier, tailored marketing support, including modern, hyper-targeted digital advertising campaigns, at affordable, monthly budgets. Whether you target institutional, high-net-worth or retail investors, we are modernizing the way wealth management firms like yours support their sales process and generate leads.



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