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Fundzen offers lean, fractional marketing for smaller investment firms, from asset managers to financial advisors. We provide cost-effective solutions between no marketing and full-time resources.
From websites to content marketing to sales collateral, Fundzen covers all your needs. Because no matter your scale, you can't afford to ignore marketing.

Do The Math

For every $1 spent on sales teams, successful firms spend between .30¢ to $1+ on marketing, depending on demographics and distribution. Why? Good marketing feeds and amplifies sales efforts. But many smaller firms in our industry aren’t at a scale where it makes sense to hire a full-time Chief Marketing Officer. So marketing functions either get piecemealed to agencies or graphic designers — who typically lack expertise in the industry — or worse, critical marketing functions are simply ignored. Sound familiar?

On your team

Fundzen partners with you to become your internal, fractional marketing department. We’ll join you for strategy meetings and become part of the family. We’ll even work in-house when you need us most. We’ll work alongside sales — with digital lead-generating technology — and we’ll keep our eye on the ball when it comes to your brand reputation and product messaging.
We have straight-forward, monthly packages designed to fit your goals and budget.

Supporting Sales

Almost every sales professional we talk to struggles with the same challenges: with so many firms, products and strategies competing for investors’ attention, how do you capture attention and nurture interest?

To be effective, sales teams need marketing support.

How we help

We support your sales efforts with two specific strategies:

First: we use affordable, interest-tracking and hyper-targeted digital campaigns that identify exactly who is interested in hearing your message, and pass them on to your sales team. 

Second: we work with you to modernize and refine your brand, product stories, website, presentations and sales collateral. Sales professionals struggle to be effective when they’re selling a brand that feels unclear, outdated or third-tier.

Ready, set, go

Everything you should be doing, done better
Content is King

We help refine, promote, distribute and even create content your prospects and target audience are interested in. Good content starts conversations.

... and Data is Queen

Your prospects are speaking in clicks; there's no excuse for not listening. Our platform tracks interest from their first click, nurturing leads.

Your best foot forward

Websites, sales decks, sell sheets, emails. Your brand — and your sales team — performs best when it communicates clearly, memorably, and with confidence.

A step in the right direction

Or a few directions. We help you build a right-sized, budget-friendly strategy with focus, synchronizing marketing efforts with sales'.

Got some questions?

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About us

Fundzen is a marketing technology and creative services company serving the asset management, fintech and financial advisory sectors. We give small and midsize firms — and their sales teams — access to top-tier, tailored marketing support, including modern, hyper-targeted digital advertising campaigns, at affordable, monthly budgets. Whether you target institutional, high-net-worth or retail investors, we are modernizing the way wealth management firms like yours support their sales process and generate leads.



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