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Modern marketing solutions for small- and mid-sized fund companies, fintechs and wealth managers.

We offer two powerful, cost-effective marketing solutions to support your sales:


Fundzen is your affordable, right-sized marketing department, driving and supporting your sales efforts.


Fundzen makes digital lead-generation reliable and cost-effective. We nurture leads with interest-tracking and hyper-targeted campaigns.

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Who we are

We created Fundzen to make modern marketing more accessible for fintechs, fund companies and investment managers. Marketing to investors is fundamentally different from selling beer, cosmetics, or running shoes. We have been working with your audience — investors, advisors, and others in capital markets — for years.

Julian Scarfe

Founder, Strategic Director
For over two decades, Julian Scarfe has been helping clients engage investors, from shareholder communications to marketing programs for investment funds and asset managers. His broad and unique skillset is the product of a dual passion for marketing technologies as well as psychology-driven communications and strategy. "The technology for reaching investors, and our understanding of how they feel about — and make decisions about — their investments is so much deeper than it was even 5 years ago."

Richard Sakic

Creative Director
With 20 years experience servicing investment industry clients, Richard Sakic is a different kind of Creative Director. Although he cut his teeth designing for the music industry, early experiences with "boring financial" clients turned out to be more challenging and interesting than he anticipated. "Design shouldn't be confused with 'pretty pictures'. Solving business challenges, drawing attention to the right information at the right time... solving these kinds of puzzles is what I ultimately find rewarding."

Our strategic team is supported by a small, core team of copywriters, digital marketers, designers and developers. We also have access a wider group of trusted independent specialists, including: editors, photographers, videographers, Q&A teams, etc.

About us

Fundzen is a marketing technology and creative services company serving the asset management, fintech and financial advisory sectors. We give small and midsize firms — and their sales teams — access to top-tier, tailored marketing support, including modern, hyper-targeted digital advertising campaigns, at affordable, monthly budgets. Whether you target institutional, high-net-worth or retail investors, we are modernizing the way wealth management firms like yours support their sales process and generate leads.



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