Years ago, I helped design & program a pretty innovative online retirement savings calculator for Bank of Montreal/Nesbitt Burns. It was unique in that it was based on the idea (and research) that retirement will become more progressive: you won’t work 40-50 hours a week until you’re 65 and then never work another day. More likely, beginning somewhere in your mid-to-late fifties, you’ll begin to devote less of your time & energy to work, but you may continue to work – and earn – in some capacity well into your seventies. And that changes your retirement planning significantly.

Recently, BMO launched a new retirement planning site/campaign and all mention of “the new retirement” concept is conspicuously absent.

Maybe it didn’t get traction. Maybe it was too complicated a story for people to understand, or  – more likely – too complicated to tell (best to keep the stories simple in such a large orgaization). Or maybe most people prefer to dream of the old retirement, even if it’s statistically unlikely.

Anyhow, it seems to me that opens up a retirement marketing opportunity for a smaller organization in need of staking out a distinct niche that would be of service to a great number of potential clients.