Gender Investing

It turns out that women-run hedge funds beat the average last quarter, and by quite a margin (8.69% vs 2.69% – But as most of you are aware, as money managers, women continue to be an under-represented minority in a stubbor…

BMO’s ‘new retirement’ got old

Years ago, I helped design & program a pretty innovative online retirement savings calculator for Bank of Montreal/Nesbitt Burns. It was unique in that it was based on the idea (and research) that retirement will become more progressive: you won’t…

The herd on the sidelines… again

A lot of money has been rushing out of stocks and funds to ‘safer waters.’ Could better marketing and communications have helped the herd?

Freaks, Familiars and Cheats

A long read, but interesting in the context of advisors and money managers – be unexpected, but still approachable, and don’t cheat: (credit: Wajahat Mahmood)